About Visual Studies

Visual Studies is a studio emphasis area in the Department of Visual and Media Arts at GVSU. We offer six studio courses to both Studio Art and Non-Studio-Art Majors. NON-Studio-ART MAJORS are WELCOME for real studio art learning. These courses do not require traditional art skills like drawing. Art Majors may select Visual Studies as their emphasis area in the BFA Program or take the courses as electives.

Visual Studies reflects interdisciplinary approaches to making art that address significant aspects of contemporary life. One is the increasingly flexible use of space and context. In Space Studio, Civic Studio, and Curatorial Studio we design special contexts and engagements in the creation of culture.

Another aspect of contemporary life is the prevalence of digital media and networks in human experience and interaction. In Time Studio, Interactive Studio and Image Studio we investigate what this means for human culture by learning to make these media, and think critically about what they do.

Visual Studies graduates are employed doing design, curating and arts administration, photography, and other creative work.

Course Offerings 2019-20

The website is updated with new course offerings for 2019-20. Fall 2019 courses include Time Studio, Image Studio and Curatorial Studio, which is an Issues course in the General Education Program. Winter 2018 offerings include Space Studio, Interactive Studio and Civic Studio. This year Interactive Studio is being offered as an Issues course in the General Education program. Civic Studio remains an Issues course.

Any questions about Visual Studies courses or the studio program can be directed to visualstudies@gvsu.edu or contact area coordinator Paul Wittenbraker.

Dulcee Boehm - Visiting Professor

We are pleased to welcome Dulcee Boehm in the position of Visiting Assistant Professor. Dulcee is an artist and writer based in the Midwest. In performative and object-based works particular attention is paid to country culture, bodies, farm work and food. Boehm has exhibited in a variety of spaces from the former Mess Hall (2012) in Chicago, Illinois to an old cattle barn at Grin City (2014) in Grinnell, Iowa. She co-founded a nomadic residency & exhibition program called Say Uncle in 2015 and is currently a co-director with Cory Imig of the Beyond Alternatives symposium focusing on artist-led projects outside large metropolitan areas. Boehm also continues to be part of Ox-Bow School of Art & Artist Residency as a staff member since 2010.