Grand Valley State University and Curatorial Studio presents a typography exhibition at Calder Art Center Padnos Gallery

A collection of typographer’s work from around the country emphasizing an appreciation for typography, specifically the letterform and its use in communication through the construction and deconstruction of both pre-existing and personal typefaces. Typographic style connotes perspective, emotion, authority, formality, and context. Through the construction and deconstruction of both pre-existing and personal typefaces, the viewer is forced to acknowledge style and the structural components of a diverse array of individual letterforms. This collection represents both student and professional work from across the country.

Curated by Brad Di Benedetto, David Schofield, Mike Wolf
Photographed by Brian Richards and Stephanie Trapp


Adam Barry
Mel Blohm
John Boverhof
Michelle Bowers
Jay Cackowski
Chris Corneal
Brad Di Benedetto
Trevor Dobiáš
Mike Farrel
Chris Fox
Ryan Greaves
Michael Hersrud
Chris Huntsman
Jim Killian
Chad Kouri
Ian Macnider
Josh Larsen
Tim Lund
Martin Mendelsburg
Robert Mirek
Kelly Salchow
David Schofield
Mackenzie SchuBert
Nathan Shegrud
Megan Smith
Nick Steinhardt
Chris Vanwyck
Terrance Weinzierl
Hans White